Joe Biden reveals that 30 million Americans are suffering from unemployment due to Corona

Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate in the 2020 US presidential election, said that with the ongoing pandemic of the new Coronavirus that causes “COVID 19”, more than 11 million Americans have not regained their jobs. There are 30 million who suffer from unemployment.
The Democratic candidate in the US presidential election said through his official account on Twitter: “The truth is that with more than six months in this epidemic, 11.5 million Americans are not regaining their jobs, and about 30 million are unemployed … We have reduced 720,000 manufacturing jobs.” Nearly 1 in 6 small businesses have closed their doors.”
On the other hand, Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate for the US presidential elections, announced that his campaign last month raised 364.5 million dollars, noting that 95% of the donations are from the majority in the people and via the Internet.
Biden said in a tweet on his official Twitter account: “Last month we raised $ 364.5 million, 95 percent of the donations from grassroots supporters like you and the majority online. The staff are the ones who support our campaign – and I’m grateful we have a long way to go to bridge the fundraising and win-win gap.” But we can do it together. ”
The New York Times reported that Biden’s August fundraising total was at least $ 300 million, representing a record amount.
But Biden’s team is still counting the money raised, and it now looks like the final figure will be closer to $ 400 million.
By comparison, Hillary Clinton raised $ 143 million in August 2016. The current one-month fundraising record is believed to be held by Barack Obama, who raised $ 193 million in September 2008, which means Biden may have broken that record.
According to The Hubble newspaper, Biden’s campaign spent more than $ 1 million on television ads in 15 states, 10 of which voted for Trump in 2016. While the Trump campaign spent tens of millions of dollars in 12 countries, only three voted for Clinton. Four years ago.

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