The highest temperatures in California’s history were recorded … and 600 hectares of forest were consumed by fire

The state of California declared a level two emergency after the outbreak of new fires, amid record high temperatures, which led to injuries, and power outages.
The backup power will be used after a power plant in the state stops working, and the power transmission line from Oregon is also stopped.
And Santa Monica, in Los Angeles, faces blackouts in 2,027 homes until now.

A wildfire spread not far from a community in San Diego County, California, USA, over a forest area estimated at more than 600 hectares.
The local fire department said on its Twitter page that the authorities issued an evacuation order for locals, noting that the fire caused a blackout, as San Diego’s gas and electricity equipment was affected.

And temperatures continued to set at record levels in California, as meteorologists predicted heat waves in the month of September unprecedented in the state, with the temperature reaching the 47 ° C mark.

The weather service good at Oxnard David Sweet said temperatures are expected to rise again in some places, to 48.3 degrees in Woodland Hills.
Woodland Hills, located just 32 kilometers from downtown Los Angeles, rose to 49.4 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature ever recorded in Los Angeles County.
It also reached the same temperature in Chino, 51 km east of Los Angeles.

The high temperatures led to blackouts in some California counties, as residents were asked to reduce their electricity use during peak times due to pressure on energy use during this period.
Experts confirm that the phenomenon of climate change and the increasing fires contribute to the increase in temperatures, but meteorologists expected a relative decrease in degrees, starting from Tuesday.


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