Trump nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize

A Norwegian lawmaker nominated US President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize next year, against the backdrop of the contribution of the White House master to the conclusion of the historic normalization agreement between the UAE and Israel.
Christian Tebring Jedi, a lawmaker in the Norwegian Parliament for the right-wing Progress Party, sent a letter to the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee requesting that Trump be registered among the candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021.
The parliamentarian referred to the pivotal role played by the Trump administration in efforts to establish relations between Israel and the UAE, stressing that “the agreement between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi may represent a turning point thanks to which the Middle East will become an area for cooperation and prosperity,” especially since other regional countries are expected to follow Follow the example of the Emirates.
In his message, the Norwegian legislator also referred to Trump’s efforts in the field of normalizing relations between India and Pakistan, and between North and South Korea, in addition to activating efforts to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan and Iraq, pointing out that “Trump has become the first American president in 39 years that the United States will not be involved within His reign is in a new military conflict. “


In press statements, the legislator expressed his conviction that Trump has contributed more than any other candidate to efforts to bring peace between countries.
Representative Teaering Gedi had nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019, due to the US President’s diplomatic efforts to reduce tension with North Korea.

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