Trump and Biden could cross paths at 9/11 commemoration

(Wilmington) Their first debate is not scheduled until the end of September, but Donald Trump and Joe Biden could cross paths next Friday in a ceremony commemorating the attacks of September 11, 2001.

The Republican President and his Democratic rival, who campaign in very different styles for the White House amid the pandemic, both planned to travel to Shanksville, Pa., Where one of the hijacked planes crashed. in a field that day.
It is not yet known whether the two visits will overlap, but the pair will likely never have been so close to each other in months.
“I only knew he was going there after I announced I was going,” Biden told reporters on Friday, two days after his campaign team announced his program.
The former vice-president of Barack Obama, who leads in national polls, has hinted that he is ready to share the platform with Donald Trump if invited.
“He is still the President of the United States,” Biden said.
The National Park Service, which manages the Flight 93 Memorial, said the ceremony will be shortened this year due to the pandemic to minimize the risk of the coronavirus spreading. From 90 minutes, it will drop to 20 minutes.
The campaign is getting more aggressive every day between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the president giving his rival the most mocking nicknames when the Democrat criticizes a leader who “deconstructs the democratic system”.

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